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  • Recent Research Reports

    Nigeria: Palm oil smallholder case-study

    Thompson Ayodele et. al

    Nigeria is the world's third-largest palm oil producer.It has the world's largest percentage of smallholder oil palm farmers around 90 per cent. Smallholder oil palm farmers typically earn higher incomes from oil palm than from other crops.Smallholders generally operate on wild groves. While these groves have relatively poor yields they require lower agricultural inputs. The smallholder sector supplies local markets generally aimed at domestic use.

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  • China in Africa: An Evaluation of Chinese Investment

    Thompson Ayodele & Olusegun Sotola

    China increased presence in Africa has been of interest to many. China's economic interest and investments in Africa have particularly been under scrutiny. While some are optimistic, some others are concern as to what is China's real interest. Many have argued that the engagement is apparently meant to repeat what western countries did decades ago when they exploited African resources.

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  • Engaging Stakeholders towards a Productive

    Regulation of Payment Cards in Nigeria

    Damilola Olajide et.al

    The cashless economy policy initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is in line with the key objectives the Financial System Strategy (FSS) 2020, which is that electronic payments form the bedrock of all financial transactions. A move towards a cashless economy will benefit the Nigerian economy in several ways, including reduction in both the volume of cash in circulation and the costs associated with cash management

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  • Randomized Evaluation of Unconditional Cash Transfer

    Scheme for the Elderly in Ekiti State Nigeria

    Damilola Olajide et. al

    The Ekiti cash transfer project is sponsored by the Partnership for Economic Policy, Canada. The project is a randomised evaluation of the unconditional cash transfer for the elderly in Ekiti State, Nigeria. It is being undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Productivity and Human Development, Ekiti State (the implementation agency). The project commenced in July 2013 and expected to complete in June 2015.

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IPPA's mission is to serve as one of the leading promoters of social, economic and political freedom; to promote public understanding of the principles of a free and prosperous society such as property right, the rule of law, limited government, free enterprise and tolerant; and to help foster the emergence of a society where reliance on government solutions to all social and economic problem reduces and the human mind is appreciated as the ultimate resource. .


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